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Things To Know About Preexisting Condition Pet Insurance

When you decide to bring your pet to your home, you should know that you are not merely bringing some animals, but you are also gaining a new family member. It is, therefore, your responsibility to take care of their of them by ensuring that they are at optimum health at all times. However, providing health care for your pet can be quite costly, and that is why you should get pet insurance even if the animal has a preexisting condition. All forms of insurance, including pet insurance, is not designed to help people deal with what has already happened. It is for this reason that pet insurance companies are reluctant to offer coverage for incidents already affecting your pet. The pet insurance alternative is also careful about conditions that have a reasonable chance of recurring based on past symptoms.

These incidents that pets have prior to buying insurance cover are what are referred to as pre-existing pet conditions. Pet pre-existing condition also refers to illnesses or injury that the pet manifest symptoms from the time before the insurance coverage begins. As a pet owner, it is not a must that you know the name of the pre-existing condition, but you are obligated to disclose the symptoms if you have seen them in the past. Most pet insurance providers do not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. Some insurance companies will be looking for any symptoms of a condition that the animal had at least eighteen months before getting the cover. The waiting period for injuries is usually less than a week and a month for diseases. In case your pet was sick one time, and that was two years before getting the cover, that would not be considered as a pre-existing condition. Pets with pre-existing conditions are still eligible for insurance cover. The pet can be covered for new illnesses and injuries. You can also get insurance cover for your animal from reputable insurance covers even for the reported preexisting condition.

Some of the common preexisting conditions that pet has include arthritis, heart disease, and cancer, among others. If you know your pet has any health condition, you are required to disclose the same to your insurance company when buying the policy. If you fail to declare preexisting conditions and the insurer discovers the same later, you might lose your cover. Get your pet insurance preexisting condition from a reputable company, and you are pet will get all the medical attention whenever they need it.

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